the metropolis condition


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design for parasitic metropolis condition

cities are machines – the metropolis once a romanticism is now a artificial network a machine without remorse without fear – it grows on the demand of desire on the flux of users engaged into its network into its neural streams we are all inhabiters of this electro smog of this networked world




desire – the human nexus


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Initial thoughts

_What is the innate reasoning for the human condition of ‘desire’. for are we mere chemical machines? We are desiring machines that are in a constant state of flux towards an evolution of disembodiment of the soul from our body the machine. The mind encapsulates notions of desire as a means to adapt, consume, evolve within the external environment our bodies cohabit with the mind.

we are all desiring machines evolving towards disembodiment of the soul into the server nexus for a truly liberating state of existence

Hello world !

artificial intelligence environment - subversive desires 3d cgi

Welcome to new horizons in critical thinking, Script generated CGI art and critical psychological theory.

“…we are all desiring machines evolving towards innate evolution where the spirit will inhabit the machine and the machine will be our sanctuary”